A lovely graveyard in Detroit

Detroit's Woodlawn Cemetery: MIDetroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery: MI by Albert Dale Northup
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unlike the adequate if uninspired photography in most Images of America cemetery guides, this book is beautifully illustrated with closeups of decorations throughout Woodlawn Cemetery. This book singlehandedly put Woodlawn on my must-be-visited list.

Northup also does a particularly good job of tying Woodlawn Cemetery to the history of Detroit. He steps outside the cemetery gates, including photos of Detroit landmarks when connected to Woodlawn’s permanent denizens. His capsule summations of the feuds amongst the early auto-makers makes me want to study up on Detroit history.

This book is coming home with me when I visit this year. I’ve been told I can’t poke around cemeteries in Detroit alone any more, but once I flash this beauty around, I shouldn’t have any trouble finding a date.

The book is available on Amazon: Detroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery (MI) (Images of America)

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