The Gem of New York City

Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery: New York's Buried TreasureBrooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery: New York’s Buried Treasure by Jeffrey I. Richman
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In the 19th century, the two greatest tourist attractions in North America were Niagara Falls and Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. This well-researched and fully illustrated coffee table book will make you feel that you are there.

And what a place it is! Green-Wood is the final home of Samuel Morse, Leonard Bernstein, Jean Michel Basquiat, Boss Tweed, Currier and Ives, F.A.O. Schwartz, Louis Comfort Tiffany, as well as spiritualists, artists, soldiers, silent film stars, Native Americans, sports heroes, and even Frank Morgan, the Wizard of Oz. Paging through this book, you can pay your respects and visit their graves, but it would be wonderful to join one of Green-Wood’s guided tours and see the place for yourself.

Until you can get there in person, this fascinating and comprehensively illustrated book will whet your appetite.

I bought my copy directly from the cemetery, but it’s also available on Amazon: Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery: New York’s Buried Treasure.

Cemetery of the Week #53: Green-Wood Cemetery

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