Real Simple recommends a visit to the graveyard

The Crocker angel at Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, CA

The July 2011 issue of Real Simple magazine contains an article about the mental and physical benefits of silence.  Its sidebar lists “Places Where It’s Still Quiet.” #5 on the list (after “obscure museums” and “special collection rooms in the library”) is “cemeteries”!

Real Simple advises:  “Consider them ‘memorial parks’ and they’ll seem less creepy.”  While I take issue with cemeteries being considered creepy — Have you actually visited a cemetery and enjoyed the sunshine and greenery? — I am glad that “mainstream” or “normal” people are being encouraged to go out and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Anything that gets people into these fragile spaces is a good thing.  The more people who visit cemeteries, the better cemeteries will be cared for.  People protect the things they love.

Thanks, Real Simple!

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