Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Stained glass window at the San Francisco Columbarium

Spectacular stained glass windows adorn the Neptune Society’s San Francisco Columbarium.  I particularly like this one, since it combines regular leaded glass, painting on glass, and glass layered to make special lighting effects.

The guardian angel (the larger figure with the wings) is helping a soul ascend toward the streaming light of Heaven.  The quote at the bottom of the window says, “With thee is the fountain of life. In thy light shall we see light,” which comes from Psalm 36:9 in the King James Bible.

I’m not sure what the domed building in the background is:  clearly not the heavenly citadel, since it’s shadowy.  It might be some landmark of pre-1906 San Francisco, but I don’t recognize it.  I do like the way the glass in the upper right quadrant glows like moonlight on the sea.

Cemetery of the Week #30: the Neptune Society Columbarium

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