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Close Calls and Calamities

In the Old City Cemetery

This Saturday morning in Sacramento, California will repeatedly bring you to the brink of disaster, and sometimes push you over the edge! Oh, the disasters our Sacramento forebears had to deal with!  It’s the Close Calls and Calamities tour Saturday, July 7 at 10 a.m.

California’s early settlers had to deal with floods, fires, shipwrecks, and all manner of disasters.  Who lived and who died?  Who perished and who survived? Who sank and who swam? Learn of incredible hardships on land and on sea during this fascinating tour.

The tour is free, but donations are appreciated.  All funds go to the preservation and restoration of this lovely old cemetery.

Close Calls and Calamities Flyer

Historic City Cemetery
1000 Broadway
Sacramento 95818
916-264-7839 or 916-448-0811

Free parking is available across the street from the 10th Street Gate.