Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

The prompt for this week was too easy.  You wanna see mine?  Here they are — most of them, anyway.  These are my cemetery books.

They’re jammed in the shelves really tightly, but that’s not all of them.  Some are on my to-read shelf in the bedroom.  Lisa Cook’s Consecrated Ground is too big to fit on any shelf, so it’s propped up nearby.  There are a couple of the shelf in my office, waiting for me to write their reviews.  And that doesn’t include my wish list at Amazon, which grows faster than it shrinks…

My favorite cemetery book changes, but I’ll always adore Highgate Cemetery: Victorian Valhalla, which started me on the cemetery path.  I consult Famous and Curious Cemeteries and Tom Weil’s The Cemetery Book every week.  I peruse American Resting Place and The Last Great Necessity whenever I write about burial grounds in this country. Some books are touchstones.

So all this makes me curious:  do you have an absolute favorite cemetery book?  Is there one you turn to again and again, either because it’s so fascinating that you always learn something new or because the photos are so lovely that you find looking at it so inspiring or restful?

What is your favorite cemetery book?

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