Updating my blogroll

San Francisco National Cemetery

San Francisco National Cemetery

Today’s Cemetery of the Week will be slightly delayed.  I’ve spent the evening combing through all the cemetery blogs to which I subscribe, in order to update the blogroll that appears in the column to the right of this blog. (You’ll have to scroll down a bit.)  At the moment, I follow 35 graveyard blogs, formerly scattered across Feedly, Networked Blogs, and WordPress, so the process of updating my list has taken longer than I intended.  Now I have all my subscriptions in one place, so I can keep up on everything better.

The upshot of all this fooling around, though, is that I can now present you with a vetted list of current cemetery blogs which cover nearly every aspect of graveyards, from fascinating stories to exotic locations to lovely artwork to poignant memorials.  Whatever your interest —  history, genealogy, travel, artistry, photography — you will find a blog tailored just for you in that list.

However…if you write a cemetery blog that I haven’t listed — and you’re regularly updating it — please leave the link in the comments below.  My list of blogs isn’t the final word, just my present favorites. I’m always thrilled to discover something new.

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  1. Editor B says:

    I don’t have a cemetery blog but I do have a couple or three cemetery-related posts which you can access here if you are at all interested. http://b.rox.com/tag/cemetery/ We live within walking distance of a eight or so cemeteries. I am a big fan of your blog by the way.

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