Facebook Groups: Graves of the Rich and Famous

Graves of the Rich and Famous
Administrator: Gerri Gray
899 members

Bela Lugosi's gravestone in Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City. Photo by Loren Rhoads.

Bela Lugosi’s gravestone in Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City. Photo by Loren Rhoads.

Mission Statement: Graves of the Rich and Famous is a moderated group for photos and videos showing the final resting places of celebrities, the wealthy, the famous, and the infamous.

Q: There are a lot of cemetery aficionado groups on Facebook. What sets yours apart?

A: My groups were designed with my fellow taphophiles in mind. They function as an outlet for individuals whose passion is cemetery photography. My husband and I are actively involved in all the groups: posting photos and comments and routinely checking for spammers and troublemakers to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Q: Do you have a policy about what is appropriate to post?

A: As long as a post is on-topic to the group, it’s fine. Of course, spam and sexually oriented material are a no-no. Be respectful and don’t steal other people’s photos. Other than that, I really don’t have any strict rules, regulations, or requirements.

Q: How old is your group?

A: Digging Graves (my first Facebook cemetery group) was started back in June of 2012. The others are younger.

Q: Are your groups open to new members?

A: All of my groups are open to new members. I carefully check each one before letting them into the groups, to make sure they are a real person and not a spammer with a fake profile. (Fake profiles are usually easy to spot, especially the Asian ones: they tend to belong to hundreds of groups, have only a few or no friends, and not much activity on their timelines. Also, the gender often doesn’t match that of their profile photo, which usually looks like a fashion model, often wearing something skimpy or posed suggestively.) I’ve had a number of people try to spam my groups in the past, so I’m very careful now.

Q: Are you a member of any other cemetery groups?

A: I belong to about a dozen groups, including my own. There was a time when I had a membership in close to a hundred groups, but I found it was impossible to keep up with them all.

Q: And you get some special questions, since you have multiple groups — why did you choose to set up different groups? Do the same people tend to belong to all of them? Which is your favorite?

A: Actually, I now have four different groups: Digging Graves is for anyone who “digs” graveyards, figuratively or literally! Just about anything related to graves and cemeteries in general is welcome there. I could not find any cemetery groups for famous persons’ graves, so I started Graves of the Rich and Famous, which has become quite a popular group. I’m a bit of an architecture buff and really adore mausoleums, so I decided to start Mausoleum Mania for people who share my interest in that area. As for The Canadian Cemetery Society, I had been trying for a while to find a group devoted to Canadian cemeteries (my husband hails from Canada) and was unsuccessful. So I created one to fill a need. Personally choosing a favorite group is a bit difficult; it’s like asking a mother to choose her favorite child.

I couldn’t give you actual figures, but there are a number of individuals who belong to more than one of my groups.

The other cemetery groups Geri manages on Facebook:

Mausoleum Mania – 1039 members

Digging Graves – 777 members

The Canadian Cemetery Society 32 members

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