Facebook Groups: Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

Cemetery Scavenger Hunt
Administrator: Dorothy Loney
147 members

St. John's Cemetery, San Mateo, California. Photo by Loren Rhoads.

St. John’s Cemetery, San Mateo, California. Photo by Loren Rhoads.

Mission Statement: Each Sunday morning, Dorothy posts the Weekly Theme. Members of the group then post as many cemetery photos as they can find fit the theme. Members are encouraged to go out to cemeteries to look for the week’s theme, search the internet, or draw from their own photo collections as long as the photos they post have to do with the theme and are from a cemetery.

Q: There are a lot of cemetery aficionado groups on Facebook. What sets yours apart?

A: The scavenger group started because a lot of members of the Cemetery Oddities group wanted to do weekly themes. Carole Lynn and I thought people might think they could only post what the theme was — we didn’t want to change anything about Cemetery Oddities. That group is so much fun the way it is!

Q: Do you have a policy about what is appropriate to post?

A: Since my group is like a game, we do have rules you have to follow to play along.
We require that you only post something that fits the weekly theme, but we’ll allow questions and requests for help with cemetery stuff. Anything goes, so long as it’s not upsetting other members. No selling of any kind, though.

Q: Are you a member of any other cemetery groups?

A: I am a member of quite a few groups, but I usually only post in the ones that I help to run. It gets to be too much otherwise. I will like and comment on other groups’ posts, though.

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