More Cemetery Books for Sale

All but one of the initial list of cemetery books I posted last week have been spoken for, so I’ve pulled out some more books.  There may be still more to come, but for now, here’s the list of what I have for sale. I will also be listing some true crime/serial killer books on my other blog.  I’ll add the link here when those go up.

In the meantime, let me know (either in the comments below or through the Contact Me form above) if you are interested in any of these books or if you need more information.

I take paypal.



photoConsecrated Ground: Funerary Art of New Orleans
by Lisa L. Cook
Pixieco Press, 1998. HUGE hardcover (15” x 12”) collection of b/w photographs. This will cost extra to mail.


The Grave001The Grave
by Robert Blair
Spiral bound, letterpress printed by Cary G. Birdwell.
Just an unillustrated copy of this lovely, morbid poem.  The poem was first published in 1747.

Green-Wood 002Green-Wood 001The Green-Wood Cemetery
Walk #1: Battle Hill and Back
Walk #2: Valley & Sylvan Waters
by Jeffrey I. Richman
Published by The Green-Wood Cemetery, 2001. Spiral bound.  Two walking tours of the lovely garden cemetery.
$25 for both.

Abney Park001Guide to Abney Park Cemetery
by Paul Joyce
Essay, listing of interesting graves, some b/w photographs.
Rare, out-of-print. In good shape.
Second edition from 1994.

Arlington001Here Rests in Honored Glory: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery
By R. Conrad Stein
Weekly Reader Books, 1979.  Hardcover, in great shape. A kids’ book on the cemetery’s history.

Last Laugh001The Last Laugh: A Completely New Collection of Funny Old Epitaphs
by Gail Peterson
Published by Hallmark Editions.
Small hardcover with dust jacket. Jacket has small rips.

Mexican001The Mexican Day of the Dead
by Chloe Sayer
Shambala, 1990. Small paperback. Some dog-ears. Lots of color and b/w photographs.


Remember Me001Remember Me: A Lively Tour of the New American Way of Death
by Lisa Takeuchi Cullen
Collins, 2006. Trade paperback reading copy with dog-eared pages.



WishYouWereHere-cover-FINAL-600x900Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel
by Loren Rhoads
Wish You Were Here: Adventures in Cemetery Travel contains 35 graveyard travel essays, which visit more than 50 cemeteries, churchyards, and gravesites across the globe. More info here.
Brand new. Trade paperback.

Cover of the Cemetery Travels Notebook

Cemetery Travels Notebook
by Loren Rhoads
The Cemetery Travels Notebook is the place to keep field notes from your own cemetery adventures. It features 80 lined pages, interspersed with 20 lush full-page color photographs of cemeteries from Paris to Tokyo, with stops at Sleepy Hollow, San Francisco, and all points between, to inspire your wanderlust.
Brand new. Trade paperback.



Dissection001Death, Dissection and the Destitute
by Ruth Richardson
Pelican, 1989. Trade paperback reading copy. This is the standard text on how the poor died and were treated after death.


Deadsville001Round-Trip to Deadsville: A Year in the Funeral Underground
by Tim Matson
Chelsea Green, 2000. Trade paperback reading copy with dog-eared pages.


Stories in Stone001Stories in Stone: A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography
Written and photographed by Douglas Keister
Gibbs-Smith, 2004. Brand new hardcover full of full-color photos. The standard text. All cemetery aficionados must have this.

Walk Thru Time001A Walk Through Time: A Historical Guide to Santa Cruz Memorial Park
IOOF Lodge 96, 2004. Saddle-stitched.  Brand new walking tour of the historic cemetery in Santa Cruz, California.


Beyond Sight001Beyond Sight Hidden World: The Cemetery in Infrared
by Terri Bertsche
Blurb, 2008. Hardcover. Like new. Very pretty infrared cemetery photos.

Mortal Remains001Mortal Remains: The History and Present State of the Victorian and Edwardian Cemetery
by Chris Brooks
Wheaton, 1989. Hardcover. B/w photos.


The American Way of Death
by Jessica Mitford
Simon & Schuster, 1963. 5th printing. Hardcover, no dust jacket.

In Memoriam: A PracticIn Memoriam001al Guide to Planning a Memorial Service
by Amanda Bennett and Terence B. Foley
Simon & Schuster, 1997. Trade paperback. Dog-eared pages.


Oregon001Mad as the Mist and Snow: Exploring Oregon Through its Cemeteries
by Johan Mathiesen
Ashland Creek Press, 2011. Trade paperback. A couple of dog-eared pages.

Midst of Winter001In the Midst of Winter: Selections from the Literature of Mourning
Edited by Mary Jane Moffat
Random House, 1982. Hardcover first edition.

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