Vacation on Gibraltar

All photos by Deb Dauber.

Entry to the Gibraltar Cemetery.  All photos by Deb Dauber.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than when someone visits a cemetery on vacation and sends me their photographs afterward. Seriously, I am deeply touched when people are inspired to visit these fragile, beautiful places — and then think of me & Cemetery Travel.

My friend Deb and her companion Paul spent just a half a day on Gibraltar last September, during a
longer trip to Spain. She reports, “There is a charming tiny cemetery that I thought you would love, so I took a bunch of pictures to share. I believe that the cemetery was created as a burial place for sailors who survived the Battle of Trafalgar but later died from their wounds. (Those who died in the battle itself were buried at sea.) I was taken by the number of graves of young people who died from fever/infectious disease in the following decades. The whole space is tiny; I would guess it’s only 500-600 square feet in its entirety.”


Doesn’t that look pleasantly shady?


“…who died in the Naval Hospital of this Place…after having suffered several weeks with incredible Patience & Fortitude under the Effects of a fever & Wound rece’d in the great and memorable Seafight of Trafalgar.”


Hand-lettered monument to the two-month-old daughter of Lt. Walker


“who fell a victim to the Epidemic Fever…Aged 20 years”

Monument to a man and his toddler daughter, outlined in bricks and small stones.

Monument to a man and his toddler daughter, outlined in bricks and small stones.

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