Nothing like a Cemetery to Enliven a Trip

Forest Lawn aerial postcard bk

Vintage postcard of the original Forest Lawn Memorial Park with a note which reads, “Having a fine vacation.” From my collection.

Hello! Long time, no see, as my father says.  I have been swamped in my other life as a science fiction novelist.  The first book in my space opera trilogy came out on July 7, so I have been busily blogging all over the internet, trying to sell the book.  Oh, and I’ve had pneumonia.

The cemetery work hasn’t totally ground to a halt, though.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Irene S. Levine for the Chicago Tribune for an extensive piece she wrote about adding cemeteries to your summer travel. It has the wonderful title “Nothing like a Cemetery to Enliven a Trip.”  Here’s the link:

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