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Vintage postcards from my collection featuring old graveyards.

Cemetery Postcards

Today has been crazed and I ended up away from my desk, so no Cemetery of the Week tonight.  Instead, I offer up my latest obsession, my Cemetery Postcards tumblr. Here’s the link: It will collect the postcards I’ve … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

The photo prompt for this week was lunchtime: not an easy topic to illustrate on a blog about cemeteries. I usually shy away from photographing strangers when I see them in graveyards, in order to respect their privacy. I have … Continue reading

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Cemetery Postcards: The First Real Postcards

The first true postcards had no space for messages.  The photograph took up the entire front of the card, while the back of the card was blank.  The address was meant to stand alone there, as it would on the … Continue reading

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Cemetery Postcards: the Earliest Years

The earliest postcards weren’t actually postcards at all.  They were trade cards, designed to be collected as souvenirs for the pictures on their faces.  Their reverses were filled with advertising text.  Cleverly designed, they were advertisements that people chose to … Continue reading

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Cemetery Postcards

Ten years ago, I started to collect antique postcards of graveyards.  I was entertained that such a thing existed:  why would anyone buy, send, or save a picture of a cemetery? Things people chose to commemorate fascinated me.  There seemed … Continue reading

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