Cemeteries of the Week

#1: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia

#2: Highgate Cemetery, London, England

#3: Seamen’s Cemetery, Lahaina, Maui

#4: The Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague, the Czech Republic

#5: Hollywood Forever, Hollywood, California

#6: St. Louis Cemetery #1 Cemetery #1, New Orleans, Louisiana

#7: Zoshigaya Reien, Tokyo, Japan

#8: Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy

#9: San Michele in Isola, Venice, Italy

#10: Cimetière du Père Lachaise, Paris, France

#11: General Grant National Monument, New York City, New York

#12: Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan

#13: Mission Dolores Cemetery, San Francisco, California

#14: The original Forest Lawn, Glendale, California

#15: Capuchin Catacomb, Rome, Italy

#16: Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

#17: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, New York

#18: King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts

#19: Municipal Ossuary, Paris, France

#20: Napoleon’s Tomb, Paris, France

#21: Soldiers’ National Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

#22: Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

#23: Aître Saint Maclou, Rouen, France

#24: Jack London’s gravesite, Glen Ellen, California

#25: Wards Cemetery, Bodie, California

#26: Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima, Japan

#27: Site of Joan of Arc’s martyrdom, Old Market Square, Rouen, France

#28: Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, Massachusetts

#29: Pantheon, Rome, Italy

#30: Neptune Society Columbarium, San Francisco, California

#31: Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

#32: Mausoleum of Augustus, Rome, Italy

#33: Old Dutch Burying Ground, Tarrytown, New York

#34: Fort Mackinac Post Cemetery, Mackinac Island, Michigan

#35: Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California

#36: Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

#37: Pioneer Cemetery, Calistoga, California

#38: Sedlec Ossuary (the Bone Chapel), Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

#39: New Jewish Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic

#40:  Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery, Burbank, California

#41:  Trinity Churchyard, New York City, New York

#42:  Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

#43: Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#44:  USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Oahu

#45: Hillside Memorial Park, Culver City, California

#46: Martin Luther King Jr.’s gravesite, Atlanta Georgia

#47:  Postman’s Park, London, England

#48: Kawaiaha’o Churchyard, Honolulu, Oahu

#49: Jimi Hendrix’s monument, Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, Washington

#50: Gravesite of Sojourner Truth, Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, Michigan

#51: Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, California

#52: Aoyama Reien, Tokyo, Japan

#53: Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

#54: Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah

#55: Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, California

#56: Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, California

#57: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#58: Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island

#59: Vysehrad Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic

#60: Yosemite Pioneer Cemetery, Yosemite National Park, California

#61: Granary Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts

#62: Sunset Hills Cemetery, Flint, Michigan

#63: Westminster Abbey, London, England

#64: Pioneer Cemetery, Coloma, California

#65: African Burial Ground National Monument, New York City, New York

#66: Old City Cemetery, Sacramento, California

#67: Catacomb of St. Sebastian, Rome, Italy

#68: Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument, Salt Lake City, Utah

#69: Lake View Cemetery, Seattle, Washington

#70: Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England

#71: Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, England

#72: Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Ontario, Canada

#73: Woodmere Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan

#74: Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan

#75: St. Paul’s Chapel churchyard, New York City, New York

#76: Rose Hill Cemetery, Black Diamond Regional Preserve, Antioch, California

#77: Lafayette Cemetery #1, New Orleans, Louisiana

#78: Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, California

#79: Archaeological site, Ancient Pompeii, Italy

#80: Mütter Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#81: Old Burying Ground, Cambridge, Massachusetts

#82: Westwood Village Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California

#83: United States Marine Hospital Cemetery, San Francisco, California

#84: National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

#85: Gravesite of Emperor Norton I, Woodlawn Memorial Park, Colma, California

#86: Taj Mahal, Agra, India

#87: Washington’s tomb, Mount Vernon, Virginia

#88: Elvis Presley’s grave, Graceland Mansion, Memphis, Tennessee

#89: Abraham Lincoln’s tomb, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois

#90: Braddocks Point Cemetery, Harbour Town, Hilton Head, South Carolina

#91: San Francisco National Cemetery, Presidio, San Francisco, California

#92: Tomb of Saint Peter, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, Rome, Italy

#93: Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris, France

#94: Boot Hill Cemetery, Tombstone, Arizona

#95: Boot Hill Cemetery, Dodge City, Kansas

#96: St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England

#97: Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

#98: New York Marble Cemetery, New York City, New York

#99: Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence, Italy

#100: Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an, Shaanxi province, China

#101: Medici Chapels, Church of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy

#102: Old North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island

#103: Drummond Hill Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

#104: The Magicians’ Cemetery, Lakeside Cemetery, Colon, Michigan

#105: White Chapel Memorial Park, Troy, Michigan

#106: Keawala’i Churchyard, Makena, Maui, Hawaii

#107: Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri

#108: English Cemetery, Florence, Italy

#109: Central Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts

#110: Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California

#111: Westminster Hall Burying Ground, Baltimore, Maryland

#112: Golders Green Crematorium, London, England

#113: Gravesite of Robert Louis Stevenson, Upolu, Samoa

#114: William Shakespeare’s grave, Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, England

#115: Stanford Family Mausoleum, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

#116: Wyatt Earp’s gravesite, Hills of Eternity Memorial Park, Colma, California

#117: Luther Burbank gravesite, Santa Rosa, California

#118: Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, California

#119: Russian Hill, San Francisco, California

#120: Russian Graveyard, Fort Ross State Historic Park, Jenner, California

#121: Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin, Moscow, Russia

#122: San Esteban del Rey Mission churchyard, Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico

#123: St. Giles Churchyard, Stoke Poges, England

#124: Cemetery of Marigot, Saint Martin Island, Caribbean

#125: John Brown’s Grave, John Brown Farm State Historic Site, Lake Placid, New York

#126: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

#127: St. Roch Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana

#128: National Cemetery of Terezine, Terezin, Czech Republic

#129: The Graves of Jesse James, Kearney, Missouri

#130: Wooldridge Monument, Maplewood Cemetery, Mayfield, Kentucky

#131: Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

#132: Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, DC

#133: Mare Island Cemetery, Mare Island Historic Park, Vallejo, California

#134: The old Appian Way, Rome, Italy

#135: Home of Peace, Colma, California

#136: Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

#137: Key West City Cemetery, Key West, Florida

#138: Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery, Santa Rosa, California

#139: Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts

#140: Christ Church churchyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#141: Yokohama Foreigners’ Cemetery, Yokohama, Japan

#142: Chinko-ji Temple cemetery, Kyoto, Japan

#143: Union Cemetery, Redwood City, California

#144: St. Philomena’s Churchyard, Kaluapapa National Historical Park, Molokai, Hawaii

#145: Laurel Hill Cemetery, San Francisco, California

#146: National AIDS Memorial Grove, San Francisco, California

#147: Poblenou Cemetery, Barcelona, Spain

#148: Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

#149: Old Christian Cemetery, Fort Canning Green, Singapore

#150: Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, Hartsdale, New York

#151: The French Pantheon, Paris, France

#152: Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC

#153: Rookwood Necropolis, Sydney, NSW, Australia

#154: Melbourne General Cemetery, Victoria, NSW, Australia

#155: Waine’e Churchyard, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

#156: Glenwood Cemetery, Flint, Michigan

#157: Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France

#158: Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Italy

#159: Trafalgar Cemetery, Trafalgar

#160: St. Ann’s Cemetery, Mackinac Island, Michigan

#161: Old Huguenot Cemetery, St. Augustine, Florida

#162: Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City, Iowa

#163: Neptune Memorial Reef, off Key Biscayne, Florida

#164: Purissima Cemetery, Half Moon Bay, California

#165: Olivet Memorial Park, Colma, California

#166: Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, California

#167: Oak Hill Memorial Park, San Jose, California

#168: the New Haven Crypt, New Haven, Connecticut

#169: Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut

#170: Resurrection Cemetery, Justice, Illinois

#171: Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Exeter, Rhode Island

#172: Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland

#173: Cathedral Mausoleum, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles, California

#174: Union Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri

19 Responses to Cemeteries of the Week

  1. Rookwood Necropolis, Sydney, Australia


  2. Dear Loren,

    I lighted upon your fascinating website & wondered if you had ever had the opportunity ( when in London) to visit Ladywell & Brockley Cemetery-SE London? Although not one of the Magnificent 7 cemeteries of London , it is unusual in having 2 seperate cemeteries on one site & does contain the final resting place of many illustrious writers, poets , reformers and anarchists! . Do take a look at the Foblc website sometime & maybe call in when next in town!


    Mike Guilfoyle
    Vice-Chair -Friends of Brockley & Ladywell Cemetery-Foblc


  3. This is great – thanks! I just stumbled upon your site while researching Mission Dolores for a friend. I’ve visited 28 of your places of the week and hoping to add a couple more on an upcoming trip to Tokyo! For just one day on a recent trip to the UK I missed a tour of another south London cemetery, Nunhead (which I have been to but would enjoy a tour of) – another to add to your list if you plan to visit Ladywell & Brockley, which I will now add to my list for my next London trip. I often visit cemeteries in my travels (favorites include La Recoleta in Buenos Aires and Cimitero Monumentale in Milan, Italy.

    Happy Travels!
    Annabella Gualdoni


    • Loren Rhoads says:

      I haven’t been to Nunhead yet, either, but one of my readers sent me their calendar last December and it looks like a lovely place.

      I haven’t been anywhere in South America yet, but Recoleta is on my list of Cemeteries of the Week for the coming year. Do you know of a good book about it?


  4. Unfortunately I do not. Last year I visited a cemetery in Tomar, Portugal, that reminded me a lot of La Recoleta. (18 November section on this page)
    In both places not all of the mausoleums are well-maintained, and it’s a big spooky because you really can just reach in and touch the coffins. Unfortunately there is deterioration and sometimes vandalism. Without a friends program like those that have been successful in the UK I’m afraid there will just be more damage.

    I’ll look forward to your visit next year!


  5. kristof smeets says:

    I would like to suggest the World War I cemeteries in Belgium and France. You can see the difference between the Allied and German cemeteries (e.g. Tyne Cott and Vladso in Belgium). Off course, the dates on the graves are also quite impressive. As in the same dates.


  6. Ned Bunn says:

    Grandview Cemetery – Johnstown Pa. contains a burial area for unknown victims of 1889 flood.


  7. Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland – The first of David Cousin’s garden cemetery designs built in Edinburgh. Visit our FB page: Friends of Warriston Cemetery to see the progress we have made over the past four years!


  8. Dana B says:

    Cemetery in talkeetna Alaska is one of my favorites. Has a memorial to the climbers who have died in Denali. Also graves of many an Alaskan bush pilot with the airplane prop as a grave marker


  9. Mazda says:

    If you ever visit Woodlawn Cemetery in The Bronx, you’ll find many famous people among its 300,000 interments, such as, jazz musicians Miles Davis and “Duke” Ellington, writer Herman Melville, Texas border patrolman William “Bat” Masterson and America’s first Navy Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”).

    I also read somewhere that its 400 acres hold a higher number of private mausoleums than any other cemetery on the east coast.


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