Death’s Garden essays on Cemetery Travel

Death's Garden001If a cemetery has touched your life and you’re interested in contributing an essay to the Death’s Garden Revisited project, the call for submissions with all the details is here:

To follow below is a list of the Death’s Garden Revisited essays I’ve published on Cemetery Travel so far. The contributors are bloggers, historians, horror authors, painters, playwrights, tour guides, and filmmakers.

Picpus Cemetery, Paris, France: Paris’s Secret Cemetery by Erica Mailman

Mackinac Island, Michigan: Tombstone Tales by Loren Rhoads

East Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento, California: I Found Love on Find-A-Grave by J’aime Rubio

Moscow, Russia: Lenin’s Mausoleum by Melodie Bolt

Three Rivers Cemetery, California: Never Let Your Feet Get Cold by Carrie Sessarego

Ocean View Cemetery, California: The Cult of Saints by Tanya Monier

Monument to the Deportation, Paris, France: Pastrami in Paris by Loren Rhoads

Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois: Mausoleum Walk by Karen Kruse

Unnamed New Jersey cemeteries: Exhuming Corpses for Fun and Profit by Paul Stansfield

Sedlec Ossuary and Cemetery, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic: So Shall You Be by Loren Rhoads

Old City Cemetery, Sacramento, California: Night of the Reaper by Christopher R. Bales

Old City Cemetery, Sacramento, California: Dancing on May’s Grave by M. Parfitt

Highgate Cemetery, London, England: A Restless Wind is Blowing Through Highgate by Loren Rhoads

Unnamed cemetery near Warren, New York: History Lives Like Ghosts by Trilby Plants

Unnamed cemetery: The Graveyard of My Childhood by Claudius Reich

Catacomb of St. Sebastian, Rome, Italy: The Original Catacomb by Loren Rhoads

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia: The Symbols of Oakland by Richard Waterhouse

Cedar Grove Cemetery, South Bend, Indiana: Creeping In and Out of Cemeteries by Anne Born

St. Louis #1, New Orleans, Louisiana: New Orleans Blues by Christine Sutton

Heimaey, Iceland: In the Shadow of Eldfell by Greg Roensch

St. Stephen’s Cemetery, Concord, California:  How the Forgotten Angels Saved my Life by Emerian Rich

St. Mary’s Churchyard, Whitby, England: Whitby by Donna Cuttress

Cemetery of Alto de Sao Joao, Lisbon, Portugal: Coimetrophobia by David Bingham

Pension Mountain Cemetery, Berryville, Arkansas: Cemetery Strawberries by Chris LaMay-West

Cutts-Madison House, Washington, DC: The Legend of Black Aggie by E. A. Black

Flushing City Cemetery, Flushing, Michigan: Brian and Paul and Me in the Cemetery by Martha J. Allard

Chiswick New Cemetery, London, England: Chiswick New by Sheldon K. Goodman

Blossomberg Cemetery, Gibraltar, Wisconsin: A Taphophilic Transformation of a Tender Tot by Chris Raymond

Martinique: An Island of Mystery by K. R. Morrison

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, California: Muzak for the Dead by Dana Fredsti

Highland Lawn Cemetery, Terre Haute, Indiana: Solitude and Spectres at Highland Lawn Cemetery by Joy Neighbors

Unnamed cemetery, Ghost in the Graveyard by Benjamin Scuglia

Union Cemetery, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada: Sister Act: The Story of Clarissa Terwilliger by Laura Suchan

Cherry Ridge Cemetery, New Jersey: Katie Likes Flowers by Joanne M. Austin

Sandy Mount United Methodist Church Cemetery, Finksburg, Maryland: Marking Fred Gwynne’s Unmarked Grave with Flowers by Sharon Pajka

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Meditation Amidst the Tombs by Alma Sinan

Holy Cross Cemetery, Fresno, California: Pushing Up Mare’s Tails by Amy Shea

Mount Union Christian Churchyard, Slanesville, West Virginia: A Voice in the Cemetery by Frank E. Bittinger

Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California: In the Dark by Loren Rhoads

Old City Cemetery, Sacramento, California: A Tale of 25,000 Tales by M. Parfitt

Wesminster Church Burial Ground, Baltimore, Maryland: Westminster Church by E. A. Black

Maple Hill Cemetery, Helena, Arkansas: The Dead Dreaming by Billie Sue Mosiman

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France: Communing with the Dead by George Neville-Neil

Mount Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia: The Allure of the Abandoned Cemetery by Ed Snyder

Hollywood Forever, Los Angeles, California: Rozz Forever by Lilah Wild

Unnamed Michigan cemetery: Message in the Grass by Patricia Merewether

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Florissant, Missouri: The Sacred Heart by Robert Holt

McGarel Cemetery, Larne, Ireland: Toasting a Ghost in Northern Ireland by Anne Born

Jacksonville Cemetery, Jacksonville, Oregon: Jacksonville Cemetery by Stacey Graham

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Texas: Crossed Fingers by Jo Nell Huff

Nunhead Cemetery, London: The Cemetery that Changed My Life by Carole Tyrrell

Hotel Resurreccion, Venezeula: Hotel Resurreccion by Brian Thomas

Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Colorado Springs: Memorial Gardens by Emerian Rich

Iowa Hill cemeteries, California: Short was My Life, Long is My Rest by Loren Rhoads

Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California: The 4th of July, If You Like Cemetery Hilltops by Arthur Kay

Bendle Cemetery, Flushing, Michigan: Today My Brother Would Have Been 49 by Loren Rhoads