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Other people’s epitaphs

Headstones at the B’nai Israel Cemetery in Petaluma, California

Every day WordPress sends out topics in hopes it will prompt everyone to blog.  Last month, the well of suggestions was running dry, so they asked for suggestions.  I of course asked a morbid question.

Here’s the original post.  Many bloggers just answered the question in the comments, without actually writing a post of their own.  Others gave the matter real thought.

These are favorite answers to my question “What would you like on your tombstone?”



Sometimes you need a website instead of an epitaph:


Sometimes one word summed it all up:


My answer to the question is here.

What do you want your tombstone to say?

Epitaph in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown

One of my suggestions made WordPress’s Post A Day prompt today!

I’ve run through several potential epitaphs. When I published Death’s Garden: Relationships with Cemeteries in 1994, I wanted my epitaph to say, “She tried always to do right — but sometimes the temptation was too much for her.” Then I went through a phase where I thought it should say, “My god, it’s full of stars.” At this point, it should probably read, “Traveler, stop and lend an eye. As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so shall you be. Prepare for death and follow me.” Sometimes the classics are the best.

What would you like your tombstone to say about you?

What do you want your tombstone to say?.