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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

The prompt for this week was too easy.  You wanna see mine?  Here they are — most of them, anyway.  These are my cemetery books. They’re jammed in the shelves really tightly, but that’s not all of them.  Some are … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Not a lovely photo, this week, but the prompt called for a picture of normal people doing something they normally do.  In this case, I consider these extraordinary people, but they’re doing something they consider their calling, so it’s ordinary … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

The challenge for this week is to show perspective.  I like this photo because it captures both proximity and distance, but also spans time from the colonial graveyard to 21st-century Manhattan outside the cemetery gates. I took this photo on … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

We met in 8th grade, when she sat behind me in History class.  We didn’t really become friends until 9th grade, when she noticed I was reading the Star Wars novelization while waiting for my mom to pick me up … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I drove to Elmwood Cemetery fine by myself, even though the guidebook described it as lying in the shadow of the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. As I wandered around the lovely old graveyard, I noticed that people seemed nervous … Continue reading

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